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How do I get involved?

It's easy to get involved and join the team as an independent USANA associate. Your questionnaire results will be sent to us and we will contact you regarding your next step.

Is this like a traditional job?

Working with our team as an independent USANA associate with your own home-based business is unlike any other job with which you may be familiar. This is not a salaried position. Rather, you are able to earn commission on your product sales and the sales of your downline organization. You control how much you make, who you work with and how hard you work. (see: How do I make money? below) However, this opportunity requires a professional commitment and has to be respected as a challenge. There are no bosses and there is no time clock. It is an entrepreneurial opportunity that has goals and rewards that are proportional to your effort. We have goals, objectives, teams, accountability - and of course both financial and intrinsic rewards.

How much time am I expected to commit?

Each member of the team spends various amounts of team on their business; however, like all endeavors, your success depends on your effort. 

What if I like your team's approach, but I'm not comfortable with network marketing. Can I still join your team for the life balance benefits?

No. USANA Health Sciences, along with its products and direct marketing model, are an integral part of our team. If you are not interested in having the opportunity to generate leveraged income that is based on network marketing, then this model is likely not a match for you. To make a more informed decision, be sure to read 'Why Network Marketing?' Of course, we would love to have you try the USANA products and would be happy to contact you to assist you in researching which products would best meet your needs.

How do I make money?

Your income is dependent upon USANA Health Sciences, its network marketing principles and the distribution of their products. Commissions are earned on your product sales and the product sales of your downline organization. Read more about USANA's compensation plan here.

Why do you have a questionnaire?

Enrolling as an independent USANA associate on this team isn't right for everyone. Past experience leads us to believe that certain qualities are essential for success with USANA. Since we invest significant time and effort in training each member of our team, we have found it helpful to offer a questionnaire to ensure this business fits your needs.  However, the questionnaire does not exclude anyone from joining our team or USANA.  But it does outline some of the parameters of the project to see if this opportunity fits your needs.

Do you recommend that I have Internet access?

Regular access to the Internet is a critical component of working as a NewRN team member. The Internet and the online training provided for team members facilitate our communication, education and organization.

I don't have a college degree. Can I still qualify?

Yes. The skills necessary to succeed in this business are not exclusively learned in an academic setting. Members of our team are doctors, nurses, business professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, empty nesters - all of whom have various degrees of education.

I don't know much about the health and wellness business, but I'm willing to learn. Can I still participate?

Having a background in the health or wellness industry is not a requirement to enroll as an independent USANA associate and as a NewRN team member. However, it is essential to be open and to have a desire to learn about this evolving industry.

Where are other members of the NewRN team located?

Team members are all over the Unites States, with international expansion planned for 2006. A NewRN team member can expand his or her business to wherever USANA is approved for business.

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